Paint & Stain

At J.E. Womble & Sons we know that you want your home to look stunning both inside and out.  So we stock the full line of Do It Best Paint, and we can match and tint it to any color you want. No matter the project we have you covered.

We also carry Minwax for all your stain and seal needs.

Check out what our paint section has to offer below:

Brushes: Bristle, Foam, Roller, etc.

Paint: Interior, Exterior, Primer, Spray, etc.

Sealants & Adhesives: DAP Caulking, Silicone, Liquid Nail, Loctite, Putty, etc.

Solvents: Denatured Alcohol, Acetone, Lacquer Thinner, Xylene, etc.

Wood: Stain, Filler, Penetrator, Poly, etc.